Artist Profile

David Nighteagle is a flute player and storyteller extraordinaire. David combines his Lakota knowledge of flute making, playing, and stories to engage audiences. With more than twenty years of experience working with elementary, middle and high schools, he is skilled in integrating oral traditions with social studies curricula. David teaches students the importance of flutes in Native American culture. He shows students the parts of the flute and explains the physics principles that create the sound. A unique aspect to David’s performance is that students are given the opportunity to play music. Students create a song with percussive instruments, and David plays his flute to their beat.

His recordings include Torn From the Heart: “The Journey, Mesa Anthology, and Circle Around the Moon. Mesa Anthology was recorded at Mesa Verde National Park. David has performed for student groups nationwide. Among many other places, David has been an invited performer at Disney World, Grand Canyon and Mesa Verde National Parks, Crow

Canyon Archeological Center, and for the Sierra Club at Hovenweep National Monument. He was a guest performer when the former first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton visited the Four Corners area. Recently, he was a featured artist at the Salt Lake 2002 Winter Olympics.


David is 67 years of age. He was raised in the mountains of North Carolina and has lived in Colorado for more than 40 years. He owns a home and shop in Southwestern Colorado. In addition to flute making and performing, David has worked as a photographer and also as an investigator for the State of Colorado. He is dedicated to the historic significance of the Native American flute as well as to its future evolution. His flute making talents are recognized worldwide as a leader in the field.