Nighteagle Flutes

David Nighteagle began making flutes under the tutorship of his grandfather on the Pine Ridge reservation. Twenty years ago, he founded Nighteagle Flute Company, dedicated to the historic importance and the future evolution of the Native American Flute. In addition to being a master flute maker, David is a storyteller and flute player who performs all over the world.

Jessica Tsianina Peterson has played flutes for 30 years. She is author of 14 books with recordings, published through ADG Productions. In 2002, she bought her first Nighteagle flute, an aromatic cedar treble with an enchanting sound and spirit. Jessica sought out David, whose shop turned out to be just over the mountains. Honored to have been taught the art of flutemaking by David, she is now, together with David, making Nighteagle Flutes.

Each Nighteagle flute is made with great care and attention to quality. Our use of both modern and time-honored techniques ensures a beautiful flute with meticulous tuning and traditional sound. It is our sincere hope that you will find a flute just right for you.

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