Performance Information

Native American Flute Performances & Educational Programs

Offering on-site musical and storytelling programs to schools nationwide.

Utilizing his vast knowledge of the Native American flute, David has been entertaining and educating students from around the world for over a decade. He captivates students with the flute’s marvelous sounds, beauty, and stories of music, mathematics, and mythology.

David is available for Native American flute performances, storytelling, flute workshops, and various related subjects such as wood working and the physics of woodwinds. Programs are custom tailored for each school. Various district schools can be brought together for one performance or for a more personal touch, individually. Programs range from 1 hour to three-day workshops. As the native flute is relatively easy to learn to play, individual hands-on-learning and playing by students is also available. Performances can be integrated into existing studies relating to Native American history, Social Studies, and Music.

Performances and programs are also available for museums or other groups. Call (970) 533-1139, e-mail David, or write for further details.

School Comments

Bergen Valley Elementary School, Evergreen, CO

I have known David since he presented a program to my group of fifth graders at Crow Canyon Archaeological Center three years ago. Since then, I have requested that he come back each year. David’s programs are wonderful: educational and entertaining. He brings a selection of his hand carved flutes and uses them as teaching tools. He plays the flutes like an angel. Then he involves students and teachers in making their own music with various percussion instruments while he accompanies them. David has an excellent rapport with children and a great sense of humor to which they warmly respond. After our most recent experience with David, I asked some of my students to write comments to him.

These are a few of their quotes:

* “Your flute playing is absolutely magical.” – “If he came to our school he would be the funniest person we ever saw.”
* “I loved the program, and learning things there was really fun.”
* “He was very talented and it was very entertaining.”
* “Your beautiful music matches your beautiful spirit.”

It is apparent that David does these programs through a love of music and children. David is truly an incredible man. I highly recommend his program.

Sincerely, Susan Beaton Fifth Grade Teacher

Tibbetts Middle School, Farmington, NM

Your performance at the Tibbetts Middle School Assembly was truly educational, delightful, and entertaining for the 600+ student, faculty and staff. I received several complements from teachers who were very impressed with your unique ability to play the Native American flute and relate to the students.

I know that our students would love to have you come back to perform and teach them more about the Native American flute and how to play it. Since we only have one assembly a month I want them to be memorable – yours certainly was.

Please stay in touch, we’d love to have you return. Thanks again!

Warm Regards, Anthony P. Smagacz Ed.D. Principal

The Pegasus School—Huntington Beach, CA

Thank you again for the wonderful evening that you provided for our students. I have heard many comments from the students concerning how much they really enjoyed the evening. You quite nicely combined your beautiful playing and compositions with instruction about your flutes and Native American music and entertained the students with your energetic presence and engaging repartee. Hopefully, you will be available again next year for our 8th grade group. Thanks again, and have a wonderful year.

Sincerely, Bruce Fleming, M.A., M.Ed. Middle School Faculty

Student Comments

“We learned so much and enjoyed your humor.” – Abby

“You are a very unique and diverse person. We will always remember you.” – Aubrie

“I loved the program and learning things was really fun.” – Megan

“I just love the way you play the flute.” – Cait

“The music was super and so was the program.” – Raenee

“The music was so cool, it sounded like a hawk.” – Jeff

“It was a great program, your music was awesome.” – Val

“Thanks for the memories.” – Dawn

“Your art is truly global.” – Judith

“What a show! I loved your performance and presentation to all of us! Thank you for your time and such a special evening.” – Rachael

“Thanks a lot, you were great.” – Frank

“Thank you for coming and letting us participate. It was a great experience and a beautiful sound.” – Jeomey

“You’re the best flute player I have ever heard.” – Chris

“It was awesome! I liked it when you played two at a time! Just wanted to say thank you.” – Laura

“You are extremely talented.” – Kristen