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Torn From the Heart: The Journey



David’s newest release features Native American flutes, acoustic guitar, and the beautiful voice of Courtney Brocks. Torn From the Heart: “The Journey” is the telling of Native peoples’ struggle from first contact with Columbus to present Reservation life and the constant belief in a better future.


  1. Torn From the Heart
  2. Tatanka Ska – White Buffalo
  3. Hear My Call – Buffalo Song
  4. Warrior’s Lament
  5. Soldier’s Song
  6. Lakota Vision
  7. Trouble
  8. Horses and Hills
  9. The Long Walk
  10. Four Hundred Years
  11. Eagle’s Dance
  12. BIA – Bureau of Indian Affairs
  13. Turtle Island
  14. Apache Tears
  15. Honoring Grandfather

Mesa Anthology



A musical story and vision of the “Ancient Ones” life at Mesa Verde National Park. Recorded live at Mesa Verde, Mesa Anthology captures the spirit and tradition from one of America’s ancient cultures. Birds, wind, and other natural sounds help Nighteagle create a truly authentic atmosphere.


  1. Survival
  2. Hunting – Gathering
  3. The Rain Storm
  4. Planting Corn
  5. Making Baskets
  6. Woven Bag
  7. Shaping Pots
  8. Laying Stone
  9. Bow Hunting
  10. Dancing In the Plaza
  11. Storytime
  12. Kiva
  13. Passage Way
  14. Four Worlds
  15. New Fire
  16. Two Raven House
  17. Spruce Tree House
  18. Cliff Palace
  19. Long House
  20. Hungry People, Crying for a Vision
  21. Acceptance – We Must Leave

Circle Around the Moon

Intoxicating combination of the native American flute with rattles, Irish harp, and drums. Includes the title track plus “Nighteagle Sings,” “Leading Us Through Dangerous Ground,” and more.

Only available as a digital download.


  1. Nighteagle sings
  2. Leading us through dangerous ground
  3. The children of gratitude
  4. Dance
  5. Circle around the moon
  6. Look eastward
  7. Prayer floats gently up

DVD “Mesa Verde National Park: 1906-2006”


$19.95 + shipping

Produced and directed by PBS documentary filmmaker David Bowyer and hosted by David Nighteagle.

Located on a high plateau in the Four Corners country of Southwest Colorado lies Mesa Verde National Park. In 1906 Mesa Verde became the first Park to preserve the works of man, and the remnants of a Native American culture long passed. In 2006 the Park Service celebrates 100 years of its history by protecting these cultural sites so future generations can experience this amazing area. Learn the story of the Ancient Puebloans that for centuries built and lived their lives in these cliff dwellings.

This beautiful presentation documents Mesa Verde National Park like never before.

The DVD also includes a Bonus Feature: “A Land of Arches” showcasing Arches National Park in Utah.